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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yahoo and Orkut Tricks

Now lets gear up to fool your Yahoo! buddies.

Trick :This is not a hack, it is just a cool simple thing..i found it accidently, when i was sending some HTML codes to my friend. He didn’t know anything about HTML, so i was giving him very basics of the code. I started with <>…then <>, everything was going alright until i i wrote the first line after <> tag..i wrote <>hello< /b> world ( <>…< /b> are used in HTML to make text bold..).. when i pressed send button, i was amazed to see that it was showing hello world instead of <>hello< /b> world…then i understood that yahoo messenger is capable of understanding HTML tags ( although later i found that it supports only very few of these tags)..it supports <>..< /i> and <>..< /u> also

Fun Part : Now coming to its funnier side.Can you send a blank message to your buddy?..yes you can by using spacebar…bt how about sending a big blank message ..if you simply press send (or enter)..without writing anything in the text box…Yahoo messenger will not except that, and thus nothing will happen..but if you write something like <>< /b> (nothing between HTML tags)…your messenger would except that as a message.. but that message would not have anything in it because we haven’t write anything between those tags.. and yahoo messenger will try to make that that text bold ( which is not there in reality )… So you can puzzle your yahoo buddies with this simple trick
Tips : No need to close the html tags.<>< /b> …or simply <> alone will do the same thing.

Try this also :
1. Open your notepad
2. Write <> ( or any of the three tags )
3. Press enter many times
4. Write < /b>
5. Right click in notepad and then click select all
6. Copy it
7. Paste in your Yahoo messenger’s IM window
8. SendThe above steps would make things worst for your buddy. It will show a big blank space in place of messages.

More fun : This trick also works in orkut, but in orkut you have to use [b] and [/b] in place of <> and < /b>, and you have to close your formatting tags in orkut ( unlike in yahoo messenger ) so in orkut ॥open scrap book of your buddy…..write [b] press as many enters as you can, and then simply close the tags by writing [/b]।It will show a very big blank space inn your buddies scrap book. Your friend might think that he has lost all his scraps and there’s something wrong with his account.Things to do: I was too lazy to check this trick in other messengers like google talk and msn messenger. Please do it on your own and let me know if it works.

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